Experience the joy of music with online lessons for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano with university trained instructors

A high quality alternative to Zoom. No lag time, crystal clear sound with state of the art technology designed for music teaching online. Easy to use, convenient and hassle free. Select a day and time for a free trial lesson.

What's Better About Online?

  • "Parents do not have to take the time to get their child to your house or studio. Students have to be more responsible for things like marking their own music, listening, taking turns talking," Kathleen 
  • "The child has better focus, the child is making their own practice notes, the child has access to their materials, child's parent can eavesdrop on lessons when they want to know how their child is doing." Julia P.
  • "The kids are in their familiar environment and don't come to lessons saying "I could play that at home earlier today!" and parents are much more involved in lessons, especially with the younger kids, which is a huge plus! I email worksheets and provide additional online resources, like videos of me playing the songs from their method book. Parents have said that was great and very helpful! " Jennifer C.
  • "My child's attention is heightened considerably during online lessons, the comfort of not traveling is awesome, I've seen great progress!" Yelena W. 

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Live performances and recitals

Sue Lewis and students performing at Bridgeport Church  

Pianist 13yo Autumn S.

Violinist 13yo Selea F.

Cellist 14yo. Al R. 


Sue Lewis and students performing with Mango Nights 

Pianist 13yo Autumn S.

Violinist 13yo Selea F.

Violinist 13yo Maria T.

Violist 14yo Natalie J. 


Sue Lewis viola

Abby S. violin

Selea F. violin

Katie H. violin 

Kendra H. viola